The moment you hear that you will become a dad 

 Hello dads (to be),

All you guys probably remember the moment that you heard you will become a dad. Some of you might have planned it thoroughly and for some of you it may have come as one big surprise.

I was caught between these two: we did plan to have a baby in the near future, but we were not actively trying to find a moment when my wife could get pregnant.

And then there was that BIG moment: my wife called me when I was working and told me, out of the blue, congratulations Daddy. I didn’t know what she was talking about and thought she was making a joke. I said: how do you mean, daddy? She laughed and cried at the same time and told me she did a pregnancy test and that it was positive. I didn’t know how to react because I was in the office off course. So I made up an excuse that I needed to go home because my wife was not feeling that well and drove home way too fast.

When I arrived home, my wife and I hugged and she started crying all over again; I thought: is it starting already…?! And then it struck me: I am becoming a dad!! It was a really nice feeling, but it also triggered a lot of worries:

  • Is it going to be a boy or girl
  • We need to go to the doctor to check what to do and get information
  • We need to find a midwife who’s going to take care of the checks, ultrasounds, tips, etc.
  • Is our house a good place to raise a kid (we lived in an apartment on the 3rd floor without elevator)
  • Are we going to make it financially
  • Lots of other thoughts/worries

We went to the doctor later that afternoon and received some information about being pregnant.

Please let me know if you enjoyed reading this blog, I will post more stories in the near future.

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