Dirty diapers, (unwanted) advice and growth leaps


Just admit it, every father (to be) hates the outlook of handling dirty diapers.

In the period prior to becoming a father, you probably came across it. The smell and amount that little kids can produce has given you already some sweaty hands and headaches; even before you had to handle dirty diapers yourself. But since you now the little man/woman is born, you really have to face the truth. And, would you believe it, it still is a dirty job, but if it’s your own kid, it really is a different situation. The first week after the delivery, it all comes down to you (besides the maternity assistance): you are the one changing diapers and changing clothes. To your great surprise you know how to handle it, even before the newborn mommy does and you even have the learn and show her how to change a diaper. Changing a diaper will become easier every day; you have to keep in mind unforeseen circumstances though. Your baby knows how to pick exactly the right moment to start pooping/peeing spontaneously. You’ll find out that the moment he picks, is the moment that you are just changing his/her diaper. Always make sure that you stay out of reaches of the “streams”. Depending if it’s a boy or a girl you have to pick a strategic spot, where to stand while you’re changing the diaper. You have to keep in mind though, that there will always be a moment of inattention and you will get covered in something you’d rather won’t get covered in…

If keeping an eye on your baby, working your job “normally”, helping out the newborn mum and the sleepless nights are not enough of a challenge, some people (most of the time family / family in law) seem to think it is necessary to provide you with all kinds of, well-intentioned, but rather unwanted advices. Some examples of these advices are:

– We use to always do it in this way

– Why don’t you try to do it that way

– It’s better if you now listen to me for a moment

– You need to also take care of yourself

Trust me, if there is something you do not want to hear now, it’s these kind of advices. Despite the fact that we are men, we also feel and know which way is the best way to pick up your kid, when he needs to take a nap, and yeah, we try to also take care of ourselves, but that is not easy when you keep bothering us…

My advice is: let them give you advices, listen to what they have to say and eventually do what you think is the best way to handle the situation!

When the first few weeks after your kid is born have flown by, your baby suddenly seems to act in a different way. When you get closer to him/her, it seems like he’s really “seeing” you. Up until now he probably only cried when there was really something wrong: he was hungry, had a dirty diaper or when he was tired. But now it seems like he is crying spontaneously without any real reason. It also seems that he can only calm down when you pick him up and keep him close to you. After some searching on the web, I found the “Oei, ik Groei” app (in English: The wonder weeks”). This app includes the first year and a half of the process that your kid goes through described in different growth leaps. Astonishingly it appears to be consistent with most of your own experiences in the past period. My tip: download this (free) app in the App Store (Apple):  App-store-icon or the Googe Play Store (Android):topic_google_play . It helped me a lot during the growth leaps: when you know that your kid if going through a growth leap and it’s clear for you what is happening in the body and mind of your kid, it’s a lot easier to get less frustrated about his behaviour.

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