Movements, the Consultation Clinic and Laughter


As you can read in my previous blog, the first growth leap has already taken place. Besides really looking at you, what your little sprout is doing at this moment, he also really starts moving.

As advised by the Consultation Clinic (more about that later on in this blog), you put your baby on his belly so he can train his neck muscles. The first days it seems to not go easily and it’s quite sad if your kid hits his chin on the mattress; his neck muscles are not strong enough to hold up his neck for more than a few seconds. After a few days it seems to go a bit easier and the little man is handling it well. To our great surprise, and that of the Consultation Clinic, he was able to hold up his head for over a minute after just a week..

But ok, coming back to the Consultation Clinic. You’ve probably heard already from different people the strangest things about them: it would never be ok, they would force you into doing things and they would interfere with everything you do at raising your kid. With some suspicion you go to the Consultation Clinic the first time. At first, your kid is weighed and measured and he gets heavier and taller every time you go there. After this part, it’s time to further check how your kid is developing. His pelvis is checked, they’re checking if he can hold his head up for a while, can he follow a toy from one side to another, etc. As our son is developing really good according to the charts, that are seen as “normal” development, there were no comments to be made. For us no “Consternation” Clinic, but (for now) just the Consultation Clinic.

After a few weeks the little sir is relaxing in his box: time to play a game with him. Armed with a cuddly toy and a toy that makes sound, you walk towards him and start teasing him. You see that he’s having a good time as he is smiling to you. After you start tickling him, he starts laughing really hard; at one moment he is laughing so hard that he spontaneously gets the hiccups. Hmm, again something to keep in mind for the future.

After a while it did not stop with keeping up his head and having laughters, but the little sir also found it very interesting to start turning from his belly to his back; what a proud moment as a dad! You begin to realize that he is really growing up now. But if you only half knew what the future was going to bring…

Topic next blog: crawling and the Day Care.

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